Friday, May 2, 2008

Message to Jimmy

Message to Jimmy

Union Leader Faruque Ahmed has been developing legal, technical, economic and political arguments in the thread LPG to Iraq and Discrimination against the oil industry. This so called Vice President of the dictatorial ATDA went on to forward invalid and futile argument against Faruque! Can we ask who do they work for - oil industry or taxi workers?!

They also opposed Faruque in Cabcharge and Criminals, Monopoly and de-Regulation of the Taxi Industry and many other burning pro-workers issues.

Ho long one can tolerate? Are they true friends of workers? Nelson has been conspiring compulsory seat belt for ALL taxi drivers so that they will loose their license and he will make a million for himself. He has been doing so without any scientific backings or genuine demand.

These Nelsons and Jools never did anything in their life. Right now, they are trying to make some money for themselves by using taxi drivers name as they did with the Mac Bank. Jools tried to use taxi drivers’ safety issue to sell a few camera, etc. etc.

The Victorian taxi drivers made successful blockade/strike for the most fundamental demand i.e. to work in a safe work place where the Occupational Health and Safety Acts and Regulation are adhered to; regardless of relationship of bailor/bailee and the Duty of Care provisions respected.

These young drivers needed some assistance rather than attacked as the TCN 9 and Vice President of the dictatorial ATDA have been doing. The Transport Workers Union of NSW or Victoria has been behaving like Klu Klux Klan for a long time. Many good people have been demanding for a Royal Commission, Parliamentary Inquiry for their taxi driver sell out continuum with no luck because they virtually control governments!

Can you ask, howcome the ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Transport Workers Union failed taxi drivers so miserably? Please examine Keatsdale Report, Dalziel Reports and Cook Reports and make up your mind. A few determined taxi drivers brave approach got the taxi drivers safety issue started in Sydney and we got something. Surely, the Victorian or any one can share some idea from these reports! After all, they do no contain any AID virus!

--- In, "Sando" wrote:
Re: [ozcabs] Melbourne day #2 (The Age)

Give it a rest Ted,

I cannot see what you are crowing about as the NSWTDA had nothing to do with this issue. It takes balls to stage a protest of this magnitude which clearly the NSWTDA and its microscopic membership does not have.

All the NSWTDA wants to do is pussy foot around and do SFA by real industrial action the only king the general public and the beurocrats understand. Then again when you have jack all membership and run a secret society having not posted any minutes of your top secret committee meetings on Forum since God knows when, is it any wonder that you lot are as weak as you are. Your NSWTDA is not worth the screen space on my monitor.
At least the ATDA is out there clawing and scratching, warts and all.
God Bless the VTDA and good luck with the wonderful show.